Getting Started with Forums

Forums are the ideal space to gather member-led feedback on a range of topics. These open spaces allow InsightHub members to express themselves in a free and creative manner.

The backbone of a successful research community, the forum is pivotal to creating a steady stream of member-led content, feedback and blue sky thinking. InsightHub forums can be categorised by topic and thread to provide a structured environment for in-depth conversations.

InsightHub provides versatile forum options that can provide greater moderator or member control depending on the needs of our clients. Both options come packed with a range of features that stimulate member engagement and keep conversations moving.

In this three-part email series, delivered over the course of a week, we'll run you through the basics. This will include how to set up and forum topics and threads, the available moderation tools and two practical examples of the forum in action:

  • Day #1 - An overview the forum and details of how to set up topics
  • Day #3 - A deep dive into creating new forum threads and moderation
  • Day #5 – Two real-life use cases of the forum in action

To sign up, simply fill out the form on this page and you'll receive the first email within a few minutes. You can also view the full list of available InsightHub email courses here, or click visit our Help site where full documentation is available.