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Insight as Art: A Visual Introduction

Back by popular demand – we’re re-opening the Insight as Art project. Last year we worked with over 30 consumer brands to turn real-life qualitative feedback into thought provoking, conversation starting works of art.

From past experience, we know that there are many techniques that are passed around the insights industry, such as storytelling and video interaction, that work to try and engage stakeholders and other key decisions makers in research results. As insight professionals, we intrinsically understand the power that insights have to change a business, but many business professionals who rely on the resulting insights still can’t perceive the value as is needed, due to a lack of engagement in the reporting stage.

To truly capture their interest, and more importantly their attention, in the resulting insights something unexpected needs to occur. That’s why we’re taking this opportunity to innovate and advertise that there are more ways to report insights than a written report or PowerPoint presentation full to the brim with graphs and tables of data. We have the opportunity to create something truly memorable and interactive with the insights we generate.

This year, we’re taking that further. We want to demonstrate the incredible power of creative reporting techniques to start conversations and drive business decisions. To that end, we’ve taken two of the largest cities in the world as our next subjects. Through the InsightHub platform, we gathered qualitative feedback from residents of London and New York on the cities that they call home. We took these detailed verbatim discussions and put them through a rigorous creative process to create the two distinct pieces showcased in the video below.



For a detailed, written explanation of the feedback that inspired each piece, and details on how your company can get involve, continue reading.


There’s no other place in the world quite like London. The design of the fantastical bird that forms the subject of the piece draws inspiration from the positive associations citizens have with the city’s multi-culturalism.

A vibrant creature, captured mid-flight, this subject is a symbolic metaphor for the adrenaline fuelled, enthusiastic race that is life in the UK capital. But a dynamic lifestyle that chases opportunities takes energy and financial resources to sustain - represented by the motion implied just to keep afloat.

The background of the piece, created by blending a Renaissance sky with modern techniques, highlights the sense of pride associated with the city’s past. But it is one that clashes with modern progress, causing very real tensions that can make life in London more challenging and even more expensive.

Above all, what this artwork captures is the delicate, dream like beauty of life for residents who are striving ardently to rise above the hidden perils and challenges the capital presents.

New York

New York is Disneyland for adults. Bold, bright and crammed full of entertainment - the city is described by residents as being a world of its own, represented in this piece by a series of isolated islands.

Life is described as electric and always on, highlighted by the vibrant colour palette and galactic setting. Much of the city is seen as performative, leading to a fun lifestyle that distracts from the challenges New Yorkers face.

The floating islands reference a lack of space, and each activity comes at a financial cost. It’s easy to be swept up in the joy and speed of this utopian piece, but it is the lack of physical room and lack of those that cannot afford a place that reflects the hidden nature of the city’s challenges.

Ultimately, it is the visual novel and hyper-reality inspired style of this piece that captures the genuine excitement that New Yorkers expressed about their city, the opportunities it offers and its larger-than-life presence.

Want to Get Involved?

To demonstrate how the power of artful insights could positively impact your business, we’re offering to create custom art pieces for the first 200 client-side researchers who express their interest.

From there we will conduct a three-day exploratory research study using out qualitative Question BoardMR tool, to understand consumer perceptions towards your brand. These insights will then be sorted into key themes as per the process above, and transformed into a run of 15 artistic postcards designed and created with precision specifically for you, along with a brief explanation of the feedback that influenced it. To submit your brand click here.