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Insight as Art: The Consumer Postcard Project

To survive in a modern marketplace, businesses must embed - at the heart of their operations - insight that informs decisions. But communicating research results in a meaningful and memorable way can be a huge challenge for insights professionals. FlexMR believe art may be the answer, and we want to prove that.
In this gallery, you'll find unique pieces of art we've developed from real-world qualitative research on six of the largest global industries. Everything from the medium, style and subject has been carefully chosen to reflect consumer perceptions, and leave a lasting impression on decision-makers that inspires action.
Insight Postcard - Retail

The Retail Industry

represented as a multi-style painting

This postcard highlights the polarising consumer retail experience. A sparse, industrialist, Lowry-inspired depiction contrasts with the wonderfully colourful and detailed impressionist element. These visuals bring to life contradictory aspects of the consumer experience, ranging from the “over-the-top” and experiential glamour of the high street to the dull, depressing and dying town centres.
As represented by the clear dividing line, “to survive in an increasingly online world, customer service is the key differentiator.”

Insight Postcard - Food Service

The Food Service Industry

represented as a digital illustration

Feedback most suited a digital illustrative syle that represents a modern, clean and atmospheric dining environment that is primarily associated with the food service sector. Behaviour and choice and highly review driven, both by online sites and word of mouth. Many will “always look online for reviews” before trying a new establishment that is not one of their “existing favourites.”
Ultimately, consumers believe restaurants serve experiences; service and atmosphere are just as important as the food that they cook.

Insight Postcard - Food Production

The Food Production Industry

represented as an dada collage

Inspired by Dada style collages, this postcard draws on common themes that consumers highlighted. The vast range of choice portrayed in the collage encroaches and overshadows the only natural food source; emblematic of the perception that while the variety of products is impressive, it only serves as a distraction to core issues.
Consumers care about “animal welfare, the high degree of competition, the potential for deception” and questioned whether the cost of highly processed foods was worth the impact.

Insight Postcard - Financial Services

The Financial Services Industry

represented as a cubist painting

The cubist imagery of this design represents the clean-cut professionalism that consumers associate with the financial services sector. The geometric rigidity of the industry is startling; but consumers believe money is the sole focus, while customer service and experience is given little attention.
The dash of blue in this piece symbolises the expressed hope that the industry will see them soon. But, for now, the overriding impression is still that “institutions do not care about you as a person any more. All they care about is reaching their targets.”

Insight Postcard - Travel

The Travel Industry

represented as a pop-art poster

The travel sector is represented in a retro, pop art style in order to highlight two key themes. The vibrant and colourful visuals depict the expectations of “fun and relaxation” that consumers have come to expect. Transport, hotels and location were all considered contributing factors to the experience, but fun appears to be the main metric travel is judged on.
The sector as a whole and travel agents were also a source of nostalgia for a number of consumers – remembering past experiences from both recent years and decades past.

Insight Postcard - Hotel

The Hotel Industry

represented by typography

The design of this postcard reflects that while consumers may enjoy the furnishings and décor of a hotel, the single aspect of the experience that can make or break an experience is the service provided by the staff.
Hotels were described as a “much needed resource” highlighting that the experience is often viewed in a utilitarian light. As such, elements such as cleanliness, convenience and comfort are important in the moment but not memorable long after a stay.

We're doing something radical

If theres one challenge that every insights professional is familiar with, it's engaging key decision makers and stakeholders with the results of a research project. Techniques for overcoming this hurdle range from crafting story driven reports to producing compilation videos and visually stimulating infographics. But despite these tools, the challenge still remains.

We want to equip you with a consumer representation of your brand so unique that it can't be ignored. And what medium conveys the richly layered, complex and nuanced relationship consumers have with brands better than art. That's right, we want to turn consumer opinion of your brand into unique pieces of art that will wow decision makers and leave them with something greater than words - a feeling.

Editors Note: This project has now closed. Thank you to all the brands who expressed interest, took part and challenged our team to create over 30 unique works of art. Although the project is now closed, we may re-open applications in 2020. To register your interest and sign up for updates, please fill out the form on this page.

Getting involved

  1. Want to see your brand as art? Fill out your details using the form on this page.

  2. We'll conduct a short qual project to understand how your brand is perceived by consumers and what responses it elicits.

  3. Our team will distil the themes and narratives of the project into a postcard-sized artistic representation. 

  4. We'll print & mail you a set of fifteen postcards to distribute to stakeholders and decision makers as you see fit.

Want to take part?

Are you a client-side researcher who's interested in seeing how consumer perceptions of your brand would be represented by an insight driven piece of art? Fill out our short form and, within two weeks, you'll receive a stack of postcards which do just that!