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New York Artwork

New York

as described by qualitative market research

This artwork  was informed by real qualitative research. FlexMR asked New York residents about their opinions on the city. This is what they told us:

New York is Disneyland for adults. Bold, bright and crammed full of entertainment - the city is described by residents as being a world of its own, represented in this piece by a series of isolated islands.

Life is described as electric and always on, highlighted by the vibrant color palette and galactic setting. Much of the city is seen as performative, leading to a fun lifestyle that distracts from the challenges New Yorkers face.

The floating islands reference a lack of space, and each activity comes at a financial cost. It’s easy to be swept up in the joy and speed of this utopian piece, but it is the lack of physical room and lack of those that cannot afford a place that reflects the hidden nature of the city’s challenges.

Ultimately, it is the visual novel and hyper-reality inspired style of this piece that captures the genuine excitement that New Yorkers expressed about their city, the opportunities it offers and its larger-than-life presence.

We're turning your insight into art

Last year, we ran the Insight as Art project for the first time, to demonstrate the combined power of agile tech and creative reporting. And we invited brands to get involved too. Now, due to overwhelming success, we've decided to re-open the project for a second year. Here's what that means.

We know that if theres one challenge that every insights professional is familiar with, it's engaging key decision makers and stakeholders with the results of a research project. Techniques for overcoming this hurdle range from crafting story driven reports to producing compilation videos and visually stimulating infographics. But despite these tools, the challenge still remains.

We want to equip you with a consumer representation of your brand so unique that it can't be ignored. And what medium conveys the richly layered, complex and nuanced relationship consumers have with brands better than art. That's right, we want to turn consumer opinion of your brand into unique pieces of art that will wow decision makers and leave them with something greater than words - a feeling.

To demonstrate the combined power of agile tech and creative reporting, we're offering to create custom works of art for any client-side researchers that fill out the form on this page. You'll be in good company; joining the 30+ household names across the UK, USA and Australia that took part in 2019.

Sign up today

Want to see your brand in a radically new light? Here's how you can sign up to the Insight as Art project and what happens next.

  1.  Fill out your details using the form on this page.

  2. We'll conduct a short qual project to understand how your brand is perceived by consumers and what responses it elicits.

  3. Our team will distil the themes and narratives of the project into a postcard-sized artistic representation. 

  4. We'll print & mail you a set of fifteen postcards to distribute to stakeholders and decision makers as you see fit.

Ready to see your brand in a radically new light?

We want you to get involved and experience the combined power of agile tech & creative reporting. Join the 30+ consumer brands that we've created unique insight-led works of art for. It's completely free, and you'll recieve 15 engaging postcards to distribute to stakeholders and decision makers as you see fit.