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Chris Martin on Insight-Led Artwork in Insight Platforms

On December 11th 2019, Insight Platforms published an article written by FlexMR CMO, Chris Martin - Why We’re Creating Insight Driven Postcards for Brands.

 As of 2018, market research is a $47 billion industry, with businesses everywhere recognising the positive developmental impacts that we can supply them with. So, with insights being worth that much, why do we make it hard for decision makers to get them? Lengthy, wordy, and data-heavy reports are a staple in the research industry, but with many stakeholders being time-poor, with busy, competing agendas, they don’t actually have the time to trudge through every single page, every insight, and every recommendation that we make. We need to improve our reporting methods, to make it simpler for decision makers to take in insights, and also boost up our reports so that they’re as engaging as the other priorities warring for a stakeholder’s attention.

Why We're Creating Insight Driven Postcards 

FlexMR is experimenting with using postcards as a reporting method, and Chris effectively explains the objectives with 3 core foundations that each postcard should be created on:

  • They need to convey a feeling
  • They should be thought-provoking
  • They should be able to communicate all data, no matter the subject matter or method-type used

Chris states that the communication of insight is the end goal of our experiment, not just data points. So how can we actually achieve this with art?

Art is a very subjective medium, but it’s also a medium that allows us to communicate many different layers of meaning all at the same time. It stimulates the senses in a different way to data tables, charts, and graphs, and draws in the curiosity of the audience as they find more and more meanings the deeper they look into the image. The audience find their own understanding of the message, which creates an essential emotional connection to the insights; this emotion is perfect for creating a lasting impact through insights engagement.

Chris concedes that postcards is a bit of a strange way to go, but it actually only seems like that on the surface. After the initial shock of seeing a cubist painting instead of a research report, you realise that it’s actually telling you something more important – and this is the real insight; to cut through a data-driven world, we need to reconnect with human emotion and connection in order to truly understand and action on insights in the right way.

However, this isn’t just any project, this is something that you can get involved with too. We’re giving away free postcards tailored directly to the feedback we get from consumers about your brand! Take a look at our Consumer Postcard Project page for more information.

If you want to read Chris' full article on Insight Platforms, check it out here.

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