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Videos and Demos

See our enterprise grade research platform in action.

DiaryMR Interactive Demo

Designed for getting to grips to day-to-day activities, DiaryMR offers a unique window into the lives of InsightHub members. A mix of recurring and one-off tasks enables you to control the flow of the study, whilst collecting qualitative, quantitative and video feedback from engaged members.

By using the interactive wireframe below, you can explore DiaryMR in detail – without signing up for a trial platform. You’ll be able to click through three different diary tasks, in addition to adding journal entries that allow for ongoing feedback and stream of thought between scheduled research. After completing each diary task, you’ll be returned to the main diary page which tracks your progress over the course of the study.

If you need to scroll within the wireframe, please use either multi-touch trackpad gestures or a mousewheel.

Diaries, Journals, Videos and More

This demo follows the example of a FMCG brand looking to collect feedback from customers who regularly use their products during mealtime preparation. Prior to arriving on this screen, participants will have received an email notification when the task launched and would be able to access the diary via the platform navigation bar, My Tasks list and platform homepage widgets.

The interactive mockup is based on the participant view. Admins and moderators of the platform will also be able to access these screens, but will have additional access and can privately prompt or chat with participants based on their answers. Tool admins will also be able to edit the tasks and download responses from the InsightHub backroom.

This interactive demo starts on the diary homepage, which provides an introduction to the tasks, a calendar containing key dates and a record of any tasks completed to date. Additionally, participants can browse previously uploaded videos, images and journal entries which they have added. The diary space is private and cannot be seen by other InsightHub members or participants in the study.

From this page, you can click on the first of the three scheduled tasks to complete. Throughout these three tasks, you will be able to follow the experience participants will go through over the course of a couple days, weeks or even months depending on the length of the study. Each task contains a range of question types – including multiple choice, single choice, open text, sliding scales and video or image uploads.

Finally, once all three tasks have been completed, you can add a journal entry. Participants will be able to do this at any point during the study to note down in-the-moment thoughts between tasks.

If you click on a non-interactive area of the mockup, any areas that you can click on in the current screen will be highlighted and flash blue.

Interactive Demos

Our interactive demos provide a space to click through and explore the basic functionality of each tool within the InsightHub platform. These offer a representative example of the screens and features – helping you become accustomed to the layout without the need to sign up to a trial platform. Some sequences have been shortened and the content used within these demos are based on our mock consumer goods, financial service and fashion brands.

To book a personalised demonstration, please fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, for more information about pricing – download a copy of our rate card.