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Videos and Demos

See our enterprise grade research platform in action.

ForumMR Interactive Demo

The backbone of a successful research community, a forum is pivotal to content, feedback and blue-sky thinking. ForumMR enables discussions to be structured by topic and thread to provide a productive environment for in-depth conversations. We believe a well-managed forum is a delicate balance of moderator guided feedback and member driven exploration. ForumMR gives you the functionality you need to create an engaging, successful research space.

By using the interactive wireframe below, you can explore ForumMR in detail – without signing up for a trial platform. Start by clicking on the Food Trends Autumn 2020 topic. This will bring you from the topic screen into the thread overview for that topic. Click the Autumn Themed Tacos thread to explore the thread view and add a comment. The Forum header banner will return you to the topic screen at any time.

If you need to scroll within the wireframe, please use either multi-touch trackpad gestures or a mousewheel.

Peer-to-Peer Discussions

This demo follows the example of a FMCG brand seeking to explore how InsightHub members feel about the various flavours and food trends that will shape the next year. The brand has created a number of topics and threads to get the discussion started, but has also enabled the ability for members to create their own threads. While ForumMR does have significant moderator control – the brand has chosen to let most conversations play out naturally for organic feedback.

The below mockup is based on the participant view of ForumMR. Participants are able to view the topics and threads that have been enabled for the consumer groups that they are a part of – however more topics and threads may also exist. Participants can access the forum from the main navigation menu or homepage widgets.

After entering the forum, members are presented with a list of topics. These act as broad groupings for similar discussions – for example trends, past experiences or comments on specific brands. Once a topic has been chosen, members are able to see the individual threads within a topic. Each thread acts as a new conversation, focussed on a single subject. Members can also create their own threads (if this functionality has been enabled).

Once inside an individual forum thread, members can view the previous conversation to date, and reply to or like comments that have been made. Private moderator responses and the responses of other members to these are hidden from all but the person engaged with the moderator.

Members can add to the existing conversation with their own comments. Full HTML formatting is available – including image and video attachments, hyperlinks, web styling and emojis. If selected, members can also choose to be notified via email of any replies to their comment; ideal for continuing conversations and stimulating robust debates.

If you click on a non-interactive area of the mockup, any areas that you can click on in the current screen will be highlighted and flash blue.

Interactive Demos

Our interactive demos provide a space to click through and explore the basic functionality of each tool within the InsightHub platform. These offer a representative example of the screens and features – helping you become accustomed to the layout without the need to sign up to a trial platform. Some sequences have been shortened and the content used within these demos are based on our mock consumer goods, financial service and fashion brands.

To book a personalised demonstration, please fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, for more information about pricing – download a copy of our rate card.