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Videos and Demos

See our enterprise grade research platform in action.

Question BoardMR Interactive Demo

Designed for asynchronous feedback, Question BoardMR is perfect for collecting well-considered and reasoned opinions. The tool enables questions to be posted over multiple days so that participants are encouraged to answer in a thoughtful manner.

By using the interactive wireframe below, you can explore Question BoardMR in detail – without signing up for a trial platform. You’ll be able to grips with the simple, intuitive layout that focuses on participant engagement in a structured environment. To get started, you’ll need to accept cookies from Adobe, and click on either of the Answer Question buttons associated with the demo questions.

If you need to scroll within the wireframe, please use either multi-touch trackpad gestures or a mousewheel.

Thoughtful, Asynchronous Qual

This demo takes place on the second day of a five day question board. In this example, two out of five questions have been posted. There are still a further three questions on subsequent days that have yet to be published. Prior to this, the participants will have received an email invitation to take part in the question board, and will have clicked into the task from the platform homepage.

The interactive mockup is based on the participant view. Admins and moderators of the platform will also be able to access these screens, but will have additional options to prompt participants both publicly and privately. Tool admins will also be able to edit the tasks and download responses from the InsightHub backroom.

The first screen in this demonstration shows the layout of the question board as participants arrive on the page. Questions each occupy their own box and a brief summary of answered, unanswered and scheduled questions can be viewed on the side of the page. To take part, participants can click the Answer Question button in any box. This action will bring up a text box which supports emojis, images, links and formatted text inputs.

Once an answer has been posted, task admins and moderators may wish to ask for more detail or probe into unexpected responses. These can be sent as public or private messages and are displayed in red beneath participant’s comment. Depending on the settings that are selected during question board configuration, participants may also be able to see and comment on the responses of others once they have submitted an answer.

Lastly, once a question has been answered – it will be marked as complete on the right-hand side of the page. However, participants will still receive notifications of further comments from moderators (and others) on their response.

If you click on a non-interactive area of the mockup, any areas that you can click on in the current screen will be highlighted and flash blue.

Interactive Demos

Our interactive demos provide a space to click through and explore the basic functionality of each tool within the InsightHub platform. These offer a representative example of the screens and features – helping you become accustomed to the layout without the need to sign up to a trial platform. Some sequences have been shortened and the content used within these demos are based on our mock consumer goods, financial service and fashion brands.

To book a personalised demonstration, please fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, for more information about pricing – download a copy of our rate card.