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Videos and Demos

See our enterprise grade research platform in action.

SmartboardMR Interactive Demo

SmartboardMR is a dynamic discussion forum centred on an image, or series of images. Participants can use the markup, comment and sentiment tagging tools to leave thoughts on any aspect of an uploaded image. Other participants can view comments, reply and discuss – so that each pin turns into a conversation of its own.

By using the interactive wireframe below, you can explore SmartboardMR in detail – without signing up for a trial platform. You’ll be able to leave a comment, tagged with a sentiment, on an image task. Then, you can hop over to the second image in the set to see how tool admins are able to view comments and heatmaps, before jumping back to the first image to see how the conversation has evolved.

If you need to scroll within the wireframe, please use either multi-touch trackpad gestures or a mousewheel.

Markup, Sentiment and Heatmaps

This demo follows the example of a FMCG brand testing out new packaging for two different products – a seasoning mix and a pre-made sauce. Prior to arriving on this screen, participants will have received an email notification when the task launched and would be able to access the diary via the platform navigation bar, My Tasks list and platform homepage widgets.

The interactive mockup is based both on the participant view and admin view. The seasoning mix image demonstrates how a task is presented to participants, while the sauce image includes a heatmap which administrators will see when viewing the task. Admins also have further rights in the Back Room, including comment and image download.

This interactive demo starts on the smartboard task page. This page includes brief instructions on how to use the tool and details of what the particular task entails. Below these instructions is the main image that participants are asked to comment on. By clicking on any part of the image, you can bring up a window in which to type a comment.

Here, you can also choose a sentiment with which to tag the comment. After your comment has been posted, scroll down the page to see a list of all images in the task and click on the second to move onto the next page. This second image has been set up to show what admins will see – including a summary of comments and heatmap. Click back to the first image in the list to see how the conversation has evolved on your pin.

When you click on the original pin once again, you’ll see some additional comments that have been made. These are from individuals who have read your comment and are contributing to the same conversation. Click the delete button to reset the demo.

If you click on a non-interactive area of the mockup, any areas that you can click on in the current screen will be highlighted and flash blue.

Interactive Demos

Our interactive demos provide a space to click through and explore the basic functionality of each tool within the InsightHub platform. These offer a representative example of the screens and features – helping you become accustomed to the layout without the need to sign up to a trial platform. Some sequences have been shortened and the content used within these demos are based on our mock consumer goods, financial service and fashion brands.

To book a personalised demonstration, please fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, for more information about pricing – download a copy of our rate card.