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Videos and Demos

See our enterprise grade research platform in action.

VideoMR Interactive Demo

VideoMR helps insight teams integrate agile qual into entire research programmes. The tool enables simple analysis and activation of video content generated from InsightHub surveys, focus groups, interviews and other qualitative tasks. 

By using the interactive wireframe below, you can explore VideoMR in detail – without signing up for a trial platform. Discover the power of fully integrated video analysis, quick transcription options and see how to create sharable montages in seconds. To get started, you’ll need to accept cookies from Adobe, and click the Start Video Session button in the top right.

Search, Sort, Filter and Edit

This demo takes place in an InsightHub platform after video has been collected from survey questions and focus groups. Both types of video are avilable in this library. The tasks are still running and video is still being collected, however it is possible to start viewing and editing clips during this stage.

The interactive mockup is based on the view of a tool administrator and therefore is set in the backroom. Participants will not be able to log in to see this part of the platform. As an analysis tool, this is only available to researchers.

In this demo, you can swap between two main screens. These are the video library screen and the montage editor. In the video library, it is possible to search and sort the available content based on which project it is from or by individual. New filters and options are regularly added to the tool. Additionally, clicking into a video will enable you to create clips from it. It is from these clips that montages can be created.

The second tab is the montage builder. Here, clips that have been created from the content in the library can be instantly pieced together to create quick showreels that draw out key insights. These highlight reels can be shared with other team members, including those without admin access to the InsightHub platform, by generating a web link.

If you click on a non-interactive area of the mockup, any areas that you can click on in the current screen will be highlighted and flash blue.

Interactive Demos

Our interactive demos provide a space to click through and explore the basic functionality of each tool within the InsightHub platform. These offer a representative example of the screens and features – helping you become accustomed to the layout without the need to sign up to a trial platform. Some sequences have been shortened and the content used within these demos are based on our mock consumer goods, financial service and fashion brands.

To book a personalised demonstration, please fill out the form on this page. Alternatively, for more information about pricing – download a copy of our rate card.