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Proven Strategies for Connecting with Participants

In this episode of the MRX Lab from FlexMR, we interview Charlotte Evans on how to effectively connect with long-term market research participants. An expert in engagement, Charlotte highlights why this is such an important topic for insight professionals to understand, in addition providing an overview of simple strategies that can be employed.

We discuss the differences between participant engagement based on project factors, such as length or methodology – in addition to the tactics that remain the same across all types. Finally, Charlotte discusses the skills that insight professionals should aim to curate in order to grow their capacity to better connect with participants.

Across the course of this 10 minute episode, we explore the role of structuring research activity and the importance of understanding the motivations of participants. Drawing on previous experience, Charlotte notes how quantitative activities rely on intrinsic, personal motivation while qualitative projects can make use of social connection as a key driver of interaction.

The podcast also looks at the various strategies and tactics that can be employed to motivate participants, increase response rates, encourage peer-to-peer interaction and reduce drop out rates. This raises the key question of what exactly engagement is – and the various instruments that can be used to measure performance. While there are no easy conclusions that can be drawn, Charlotte reiterates that, ultimately, the purpose of engagement is to support wider objectives and engagement goals should be designed with this in mind.


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