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Customer, User and Human Experience Research

In this episode of the MRX Lab, we look at the roles of customer, user and human experience research. What makes each of these domains different and where do they share similarities? We look back at the origins of UX and CX to investigate how they have evolved over time and what might be in store next.

This episode also serves as a deep dive into the emerging field of human experience research. While still new, there are a number of definitions that agree on one thing. HX involves understanding and designing for human emotion – it seeks to answer questions about people, not interactions or things.

Across the course of this 10 minute episode, we look at the origins of the now famous practices of UX and CX. From the development of user experience as a design concept at Apple, to the more recent broadening of customer experience driven by Forrester and other concultancies - it's worth noting how the fields have shifted over time and strayed from their original intentions.

The podcast also looks towards the future and asks questions about the continued development of each of these practices. In a crowded research dictionary, is there room to consider human experience research seperate to quality, emotive qual (or even the established roles that UX and CX research occupy). It's likely that these answers will not come for some time. However, one thing is clear. That there is a clear desire to push the boundaries of research and take it further. Whether that's through approaching subjects from different angles, creating niche strategies or simply delering better commercial value. Customer, user and human experience research are simply stepping stones on that journey.


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