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Cutting the Red Tape: How to Make Research Happen

In the second episode of the MRX Lab Season 2, we’re joined by Sally Nicholls and Gareth Bowden of FlexMR to discuss the red tape of market research and how insight professionals can cut through it. Gareth brings experience spanning academic and commercial research to the discussion, while Sally provides an enlightening agency viewpoint.

The commercial environments that exist today are complex and hard to navigate. In this episode, we hear about the challenges that wide involvement can bring to research activities, as well as the impact of practical issues such as inter-team alignment and appropriately sourcing budgets.

Across the 10 minute episode, we also discuss the ways in which insight professionals can avoid and mitigate the impact of these challenges – speeding up the research process and driving improvements in efficiency. Gareth highlights the importance of a reliable network, while Sally underlines the need for flexibility and adaptability to change.

All of this comes together to form an inspiring call to action. Despite the paperwork, red tape and mountain of considerations that many insight professionals need to wade through in order to get projects into the field - with enough foresight, planning, dedication and resilience, there are significant opportunities to become more efficient and deliver substantially more insight, faster.


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