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Videos and Demos

See our enterprise grade research platform in action.

NumbersMR Tool Demo

NumbersMR offers a simple, yet powerful interface from which to analyse and chart results. Advanced features such as nets, merging, splitting and hiding allow for complex manipulation of data to ensure quality and accuracy. Platform-wide functionality means this tool is capable of drawing data from multiple InsightHub sources, including SurveyMR and database user fields, creating a central repository for quick quantitative analysis.

Simple tables are automatically generated with the press of a button. Crosstabs based on quantitative questions can be added for more advanced analysis. Banners which break down tables by multiple questions can be saved as templates and applied with ease. These versatile options can be applied to a range of question types. Such a structure enabes research teams to view detailed breakdowns of single, multiple choice, scale and sorting questions.

Key Features:

  • Powerful data manipulation options for greater control, accuracy and accessibility
  • An easy to use interface that helps users build tables, banners and crosstabs within seconds
  • Instant visualisation with a wide range of graphs to bring quantitative data to life [in development]

See NumbersMR in action

In this short video, FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson introduces NumbersMR and walks through the key features that make it a powerful addition to the InsightHub analysis suite.


For a one-to-one, personal demonstration of the NumbersMR analysis tool - fill out the form on this page, and a member of our team will be in touch.

“Having a quick, versatile and easy-to-use analysis tool is vital to promoting agility and ensuring insight reaches the right people at the right time.”
- Dr Dorota Crockford, Chief Research Officer at FlexMR