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RBDR and Charlotte Evans Explore Lessons from the Gaming Industry

In September 2019, FlexMR Research Associate, Charlotte, Evans, posted an article exploring 5 key elements of the gaming industry that insight professionals can learn from and apply to various aspects of the market research experience. 5 Lessons Researchers can Learn from the Gaming Industry explains just how much the research industry can take from the gaming industry in order to enhance participant experiences, gain better quality actionable insights, and tall the story better within the resulting research reports.

The technological side of the gaming industry is a relatively recent development that has enabled to industry to explode into an engaging and profitable phenomenon. Now, with the help of technology, the gaming industry been able to engage their gamer-customers intensely and almost ensure their fully-concentrated participation in most of the games released. This is something that the market research industry has failed to do.

In her article, Charlotte outlines 5 key lessons from the gaming industry that she thinks researchers should pay attention to: Storytelling, Gamification, Community Engagement, Immersion Tactics, and Incentivised Participation. These are just a few of the many concepts that researchers can apply to enhance research experiences, but f you learn nothing else, then these five concepts are fundamental for providing a great research experience.

The Five Concepts Discussed

Recently, this article was picked up by Bob Lederer of RFL Communications and explained in one of his daily research videos. Lederer chose to dedicate an episode to explore the lessons discussed within the article, and he summarises the key points within each concept concisely:


This video is a great summary of the article, with Lederer drawing mention to the great examples Charlotte uses to illustrate her points, such as Sephora’s community platform which participants have used to become beauty influencers through the sharing of techniques with each other. But these five lessons only just scratch the surface of what can be learnt from the gaming industry, so it serves as a good reminder that insight professionals should look beyond the research industry for innovative solutions.

Charlotte has gone down in FlexMR history as one of the few that have caught Bob Lederer’s attention with her article, alongside FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson, Business Development Specialist Charles Pearson, North American Client Development Manager Heather Wendlandt, and Information Security Manager Louisa Thistlethwaite.

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