The effect of AI on market research

Understand the impact of artificial intelligence on consumer behaviour currently, as well as their perceptions of and aspirations for an AI future

There is no getting away from artificial intelligence in 2017. It has been filtering into the mainstream for a number of years now… On occasion without its presence even being realised but with the recent boom in virtual assistants, the press surrounding self-driving cars, and the multitude of digital applications now available, it’s very much back at the commercial forefront and advancing exponentially. Technological disruption is imminent if it has not already begun. Stabilise the apple cart by putting strategic consumer led measures in place now.

This research report examines the findings of our artificial intelligence consumer research project 2017 along with their socio-economic implications. The report explores consumer behaviour with respect to the UK population as a whole, by gender and generation: Baby Boomers, Gen X, the Millennials and Gen Y. Insight provided relates to marketing, product development, customer experience, customer service, media, economists and sociologists.

Download the research report to find out:

  • The public concept of artificial intelligence capabilities today
  • The consumer ‘want / trust’ divide in terms of academic AI, social AI, emotional AI
  • The effect of generational bias on perceived AI opportunities and threats
  • The commercial opportunities presented by AI present and future