Christmas Consumers 2016

Discover the 10 consumer trends that shaped Christmas 2016 and their implications for Christmas 2017.

Christmas is a fundamental part of the retail calendar. Success at this time of year is vital to maintain commercial health. The challenge is navigating through the unique and constantly evolving consumer behaviour often displayed during the festive season to achieve said success. Planning ahead is key.

In this research report, we reveal the findings from our post Christmas 2016 research project along with their implications for Christmas 2017. The report explores the actual behaviour undertaken by the Christmas consumer as well as the motivations behind it. Insight provided relates to marketing, customer experience, tech, logistics and innovation pros

Download the research report to find out:

Christmas 2016 shopping channel preferences and reasoning
The actual impact of mobile app shopping on Christmas spend
Current generational and gender biased Christmas behavioural traits
The retail opportunities presented by all for Christmas 2017 strategy