The top research trends of 2016

Discover the top themes and technologies that have shaped discourse in the market research industry over 2016.

From the declining quality of access to panels, to the continued rise of market research automation - the insights industry has had a tumultuous year. At the very start of 2016, we released our predictions for the coming months. Now, as the year comes to a close we look back and reflect on exactly what has happened.

In this whitepaper, we pick apart how each theme has affected the industry, as well as the continued impact going forward into 2017. In particular, we look at new and unexpected trends. Passive data collection, DIY enablement and the increased role of privacy protection legislation all made the list. Download now to find out:

  • Which trends have had the biggest impact
  • How you can take advantage of emerging opportunities
  • Challenges the industry will face over the coming months
  • How to prepare for the next year of innovation