How to humanise big data with insight

Learn how to translate Big Data into powerful stories that drive informed decisions.

Big Data is here to stay, there is no doubt about that. It is fast becomming one of the most popular methods for decision makers to augment choices and monitor results. However, there are still a significant proportion of organisations that are not using Big Data to improve their decision making capabilities.

This is where researchers must step up. Researchers are perfectly placed to transform complex data points into easy-to-digest, engaging stories. After all, the process is similar to how research is often presented. However, sifting through the massive amounts of data points to pinpoint key themes is not easy. Download this free whitepaper to discover 4 useful techniques:

  • Nested loops, and their application to narrative structure
  • Story driven data visualisations
  • The benefits of highlighting inconsistencies
  • The Theory of Reasoned Action