Influence: How to Engage Stakeholders With Insight

Find out the ways in which insight professionals can engage stakeholders throughout the market research process and beyond to ensure that insights are used to their fullest potential in decision-making processes.

As insight professionals our prodigal aim is to generate insights that can positively influence decisions throughout an organisation; but to do that, we need to figure out how stakeholders make their decisions and how we can engage them enough to make insight-based decisions.

And this is exactly what we explore in this whitepaper; after delving into the mechanics of the typical decision-making process, we take a look at the impact of engaging stakeholder throughout the entire research process and beyond, not just in the insight report at the end. 

Through discovering and using tactics from both the insights industry and other related fields, we can put together the perfect 3-step plan that is bound to engage stakeholders enough to get invested in the insights they commission and extend a deeper influence than would have occurred otherwise. Download this free whitepaper to:

  • Understand the particulars of the stakeholder decision-making process
  • Discover ways to engage stakeholders in three steps
  • Learn the importance of engaging stakeholders early in the research experience
  • Explore how different fields of industry can help in our engagement attempts