Mass Qual: Putting Big Data into Context

FInd out how context can boost the power behind mass qual data through relevance and diversity, leading not only to more valuable insights for better decision making, but also to build on machine learning advancements through the combination of data-driven recommendations and an increased understanding of the data.

The term 'Big Data' has become a significant buzzword within the insights industry, but usually it's only really recognised as quantitative data. As any researcher knows, Mass Qual does exist and can be very time consuming to analyse in order to get an idea of the full picture. 

In order to gain an understanding into Mass Qual data sets, context is key. Data is only data until it's given meaning, and placing the generated data into context reveals the relevance and meaning which inform the resulting insights. 

Businesses that use Mass Qual but do not use the context are less likely to succeed. Through the examples of Windows 8 and eBay's unsuccessful migration attempt into China, explore how context is can be defining source of success within expansion endeavours, and the ways in which to find the context that will enhance mass qual data sets. Download this whitepaper to find out:

  • The importance of context within qualitative research
  • How to use metadata and other considerations to assist in Mass Qual analysis
  • The many benefits to contextualising Mass Qual data
  • Which methodologies and tactics to use to enhance the relevance of resulting insights