How to Simplify Complex Consumer Data with Insight Platforms

How to Analyse and Simplify Complex Consumer Data

On 18th July 2022, Insight Platforms published an article all about How to Analyse and Simplify Complex Consumer Data written by FlexMR Copywriter, Emily James. In this article, Emily explores the characteristics defining complex data. She takes Insight Platform’s readers through popular quantitative and qualitative analysis methods as well as relays the importance of simplifying complex consumer data.

Analysing and simplifying complex consumer data from all data types can be tricky, even for great researchers with many research experiences and a working knowledge of data analytics. Every dataset is unique and will need specific methods applied to draw out the insights required. 

How to Analyse and Simplify Complex Data 

Consumer data comes in many forms, however, the most commonly gathered by insight experts across all industries are primarily in three forms that we all know and love: quantitative, qualitative and behavioural data. Analysing this data in all forms can be tricky, but there are popular and impactful analytical methods to help insight teams:

Quantitative Analytical Methods

There are many quantitative analytical tools, methods, and techniques to choose from, but an experienced insight team will have a core few that they are proficient in and rely on most of the time. Common quantitative methods include:

  • Foundational statistics tests such as mode, median, mean, and skew.
  • Correlation analysis,
  • Regression analysis
  • Factor analysis

But each statistical analysis will have its own assumptions and limitations, so being aware of these and making sure to mitigate those limitations to gain the clearest picture is vital. Which methods are used will depend on the type of data and the hypotheses that the research is attempting to prove/disprove.

Qualitative Analytical Methods

Qualitative data is mostly made up of words, but can also take the form of impactful images, audio and video. The data gleaned from images and videos hold vital background contexts and unconscious tells that add more detail to text and audio data. Impactful qualitative analytical methods include:

  • Content analysis
  • Narrative analysis
  • Discourse analysis
  • Thematic analysis
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Semiotic analysis

From both qualitative and quantitative data analysis, insight teams can understand most of what the data communicates, but the data in its raw form is intimidating to stakeholders who don’t hold the knowledge to interpret it. Simplifying the data is the next step in the process.

Simplifying Data

What does it mean to simplify complex data? It means communicating it in a way that the intended stakeholders, and then anyone else who would gain ground based on the insights, will understand immediately. So how do insight teams simplify data?

Natural language generation technology can help automate the process but can be expensive. So other ways include: converting data into comprehensible stories; sorting data into categories based on consumer personas, so that those personas can be continually evolved and used in stakeholder decision-making processes; and also visualising data using creative and interactive means.

Want to read more? Then take a look at the full article on Insight Platforms now.

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