FlexMR Launches Video Close Connection Programme

FlexMR Launches Video Close Connection Programme

For Immediate Release: 09/06/2021. London, UK.

FlexMR are connecting business decision makers directly to customers through a fully-managed online video service.

Today, FlexMR have launched a brand-new video-based service on the InsightHub platform. The Video Close Connection Programme is designed to directly connect stakeholders and customers in live, real-time conversations. These discussions provide an immersive and simple research experience that amplifies the voice of the customer and leaves a lasting impression.

The Video Close Connection Programme forms part of the firm’s newly developed consultative offering. These services introduce structures, materials and creative solutions that help insight teams grow the role of insights in a manageable and sustainable way. The Video Close Connection Programme is facilitated by the online InsightHub platform – specifically through the Focus GroupMR and VideoMR tools that enable real-time video research and integrated analysis. Recruitment, technical set-up, training and materials all are included within the fully-managed service, meaning stakeholders can simply log-in and go.

Gareth Bowden, Research Project Manager at FlexMR, states, “It’s hard to overstate the transformative power of live, interactive customer engagement. Using our video tools, we are able to create easy one-to-one conversations between stakeholders and respondents, forming a comfortable environment for easy insight generation. Connecting stakeholders and decision-makers with real, direct feedback really drives empathy and tangible changes.”

Our experienced team are on hand to help integrate the video connections into both new and existing research strategies. The programme takes place in three stages that revolve around a customer interview conducted by decision makers and supported by expert chaperones.

Recruitment and Setup - At the outset of the programme, FlexMR will agree the programme timeline and set a milestone date for the live Close Connection session. Our team handle customer recruitment, session set up and conduct a pre-session technical check with chosen customers.

Pre-Session Preparation - Prior to the Close Connection session, we provide guidance and documentation on how to develop an effective topic guide. Our team also host a briefing call to align objectives and run through how the session will work.

Video Close Connections - During the customer interview, we provide an introduction and are on-hand throughout the session to support. We offer a communication channel to stakeholders, provide session outputs such as recordings and host a post-session discussion to help steer resulting conversations.

FlexMR Research Director, Maria Twigge, says of the new release, “Our new Video Close Connections programme puts the customer at the forefront of business growth by developing more opportunities for simple, easy video conversations direct with audiences but also protects the quality of those interactions through our expert research support. The programme responds to the growing demand for agile research and direct consumer interactions across the business.”

About FlexMR

FlexMR is a technology led market research firm that helps brands inform every decision with relevant insight. We believe access to a powerful mix of qualitative and quantitative tools, all in one place, enables marketing teams to maximise return on research budgets and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Our team is committed to providing the technology, expertise and vision to deliver insight capable of making a real, tangible difference. For more information, visit www.flexmr.net.

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To discuss press and media enquiries please contact Christopher Martin, FlexMR CMO, by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.

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We love to meet passionate research and insight professionals. If you'd like to arrange a chat with one of our team at an event we'll be attending, contact Chris Martin by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.



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