Chris Martin on Building an Insight Engine for RevOps With Demandbase

Chris Martin Explores Building an Insight Engine for RevOps on Demandbase

On 24th April 2023, GTM platform Demandbase published an article on their blog written by FlexMR’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christopher Martin. In this article, entitled Building an Insight Engine for RevOps, Chris discussed how insight experts and stakeholder teams can build an insight engine specifically for revenue operations teams, so they have the tools to keep up to date with market and consumer insights.

Revenue Operations is a fairly recent construction, designed to break down barriers between sales, marketing and operations teams. It’s goal oriented rather than function led, and it’s purpose is to drive revenues, regardless of the skills, channels and teams involved. Because it is a recent creation, RevOps has numerous challenges and obstacles ahead of it in order to bring true impact to businesses, and that impact comes through insights.

Building an Insight Engine

Building an insights engine that powers great decisions is a common goal for many insight and stakeholder teams, but especially for RevOps. Rather than allowing data to naturally fall into the purview of the closest operational hands, businesses that invest in building an insight engine take active steps to foster cross-team data sharing capabilities and a culture of informed decision-making.

Here’s what they need to do to build a great insight engine:

  • Define data requirements and owners
  • Create engaging distribution pathways
  • Formalise management structures

From here, RevOps can generate impactful, context-led insights that we can broadly categoise into categories such as: fundamental truths, tactical knowledge and responsive feedback.

Fundamental truths

These are core components of organizational knowledge, derived from active research with clients or customers. Fundamental truths tend to change slowly, and should be rigorously analysed before distribution.

Tactical knowledge

This is about being able to move quickly and capitalize on new findings. It’s no surprise that in a modern, competitive environment –– business leaders are asked to do more with less. And to respond fast to changes in consumer markets. It’s these challenges that having access to lean, tactical knowledge can really help.

Responsive feedback

This is about facilitating a two-way relationship between customers and the business. Data that falls into this category includes CX (customer experience) programmes, unprompted reviews and social listening.

After taking us through all of this, Chris then surmises that the best way to take RevOps insight generation to the next level is by fitting all of this together with a centralised insight team. Without a centralised insight function, businesses will need to define data ownership and responsibilities through a comprehensive map to transcend data silos. Read the full article now to learn more.

About Demandbase

Demandbase is all about Smarter GTM™. Their solutions unite sales and marketing teams around rich, reliable Account Intelligence, activated wherever you interact with customers: in advertising, account-based experience (ABX), sales, and your systems. In their resources, they have a free blog with many articles exploring topics such as B2B data, data management, analysis, sales productivity and more.

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