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Welcome to the second episode of our A Casual Conversation series. Following the success of our pilot episode, this video focusses a little more on the tools that we have created and use daily to conduct innovative research experiences on our InsightHub platform. Maria, Paul, and Charles share their opinions on their favourite tools, and explain how the tools work as a customisable jigsaw for the benefit of both researchers and businesses.

One Platform, Hybrid Tools

Over time, one truth that researchers have come to embrace is that, most of the time, mixed methodologies pose the best chance of research success. On our InsightHub, we have eleven different research tools that facilitate a myriad of quantitative and qualitative tasks to be conducted at the same time all in one place.

Our tools are split into three categories: focus group tools, online qual tools, and survey tools. Within the focus group tools, there is Live ChatMR and Question BoardMR. One generates insights in real-time, while the other allows participants to think a little longer about their answers before they press submit. The online qualitative tools are much more creative and diverse in their applications; forums, for example, act as a place for after task discussions, whereas smartboards are great for concept testing, pinpointing aspects that don’t work or that work exactly how they were intended.

Of course, the survey tools are the most common quantitative tools; however, contrary to popular belief, there is more than just one type of survey that can be conducted. Quick polls and report cards put two different spins on the survey, which make for great variety and dispel any repetitiveness that might occur otherwise. And then the newest addition to our survey tool repertoire, NumbersMR, is a quantitative analytics tool that accesses data from across InsightHub in one go, enabling research teams to efficiently build data visuals for the data analysis stage.

The key themes expressed in this video are those of unity, innovation, and sophisticated variety.  Innovation drives variety, and as they say, variety is the spice of life; it is what drives engagement and interest from both participants and researchers. Because there are a variety of different business needs that the insights industry needs to cater for; our InsightHub and eleven research tools allow businesses to customise their own platform to suit their needs at the time, and then redesign it as soon as those needs change.

With so many different tools available and many specialisms within the research industry, everyone has their favourite; for Maria and Paul, it’s Live ChatMR for its dynamic interactivity that produces actionable insights in real-time. For Charles, SmartboardMR has so many different applications and abilities, and that enables both the participants and researchers to get thoroughly engaged with the task at hand for as long as it takes for the relevant insights to be completed. For more information about our tools, check them out here.

The Casual Conversation series

A Casual Conversation on... is a series of short, candid videos with the FlexMR leadership team that introduce the key offerings of the agency, our thinking and viewpoints on the future of market research and the insight industry. Throughout these videos, you'll hear direct from those involved in designing the InsightHub platform and the unique agency model that FlexMR operates.

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