A Casual Conversation on... Insights Empowerment

Insights Empowerment

The next Casual Conversation episode is here! Join our CEO, Paul Hudson, our Client Success Manager, Dr Katharine Johnson, and North American Client Development Manager, Heather Wendlandt as they explore their experience and views with insight empowerment.

The Impact of Insights Empowerment

Insights empowerment isn't just another trend, it's a dedicated strategy that allows organisations to take full advantage of the insights they generate. Those who embrace the strategy embed insights into the very culture of the organisation, with data freely moving to where it's needed most - into the realms of decision-makers.

Empowering stakeholders and clients is the goal of all insight professionals; empowering them to confidently interpret data, interpret insights, and make informed decisions for as long as the data they gained is relevant. As soon as clients commission research, we enter into a collaborative relationship and endeavour to help them understand the value of research and insights to their organisation, so they become empowered through both their experience and the insights they receive at the end of it.

In this video, Paul, Katharine, and Heather discuss their experiences and views on insight empowerment, how they help clients fuel business decisions by bringing them into the research experience, innovate reporting methods, and contribute collaboratively to stakeholder education.

Everyone in the insights industry is in the business of getting the right insights to the right people at the right time so they can become empowered through insights, but what does that actually mean? How do insight professionals achieve this? The research experience is constantly evolving, adding innovation into every stage of the research process from the respondent sampling to insight activation. We are able to engage respondents and captivate stakeholders every day through a range of skills, tools, and techniques - but that is where the involvement of researchers usually ends, right?

Not quite. We have a responsibility to share our thoughts on how we would use those insights in that business, and how to make it so that those insights can be actioned to achieve their fullest potential. Once insights are in the hands of stakeholders and clients, it is their responsibility to share those insights to the rest of the organisation so it can help other members of staff make informed decisions too. As most businesses favour the traditional top-down approach to decision-making, becoming empowered by insights in this way would result in a pretty large cultural change within the company.

However, this isn't to say that we can't use the top-down mindset to our advantage; in terms of building up confidence and discovering the value of insight, others within the business will look towards the senior management for guidance and reassurance that their doing the right thing, and that comes to interpreting and actioning insights as well. If we can empower the senior management and impress upon them the importance of leading by example, then the rest will follow in turn and have more confidence in their own insight-fuelled decisions.

The Casual Conversation Series

A Casual Conversation on... is a series of short, candid videos with the FlexMR leadership team that introduce the key offerings of the agency, our thinking and viewpoints on the future of market research and the insight industry. Throughout these videos, you'll hear direct from those involved in designing the InsightHub platform and the unique agency model that FlexMR operates.

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