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The third episode in our A Casual Conversation series has arrived! This time we’re focussing on the insight delivery and management services that FlexMR offer in conjunction with the FlexMR InsightHub platform. In this video, Paul, Charles, and Maria discuss the impacts that each service has on the research experience, and take a look into the future of the platform and the insight industry.

An Agile, Flexible Insight Partnership

One of the most common buzzwords within the insights industry is “agile research”. But no matter how many guides there are or definitions, an agile research experience is different for each client and project. Most of the guides and articles focus on what methodologies to use and the processes in which agile research experiences are at their most successful; very few recognise the integral role that a market research platform and its service options have in facilitating agile research experiences.

In the previous episode, we talked about how the InsightHub platform is fully customisable because of the range and choice of tools available to clients. However, what we failed to mention until now was that the InsightHub is also customisable in terms of the services available to clients. FlexMR provide a flexible service model, which allows clients to access a range of mix and match services from platform management to full-service insight delivery. The different parts of these services can be itemised, which means each client gets a fully-tailored research experience.

This agile approach to research is a great way to enhance engagement, both within research respondents and stakeholders. Agile research for respondents tells them that they’re being listened to, and promotes a better, more continuous dialogue between customers and the boardroom, which involves key decision makers and stakeholders more within the research experience. The results of this type of research are typically more impactful for all parties involved, and translates into better research experiences in the future too.

We are a research agency with technology; we are in the unique position to offer full research, platform management, and insight delivery services all without outsourcing any of these capabilities to external third-party organisations. Everything is handled internally to an expert standard. Through our extended capabilities and offerings, every client and their respondents get a tailored research experience with every aspect on our InsightHub platform, and each service can be itemised for specific customisation to fit every unique requirement that our clients could have.

This is the future of the InsightHub, and the future of the insights industry: end-to-end research management and insight delivery. Being able to manage research from research planning to result delivery with all of our own tools, platform, and services, enables clients to focus on engaging stakeholders and activating that insight to the best of their ability.

The Casual Conversation Series

A Casual Conversation on... is a series of short, candid videos with the FlexMR leadership team that introduce the key offerings of the agency, our thinking and viewpoints on the future of market research and the insight industry. Throughout these videos, you'll hear direct from those involved in designing the InsightHub platform and the unique agency model that FlexMR operates.

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