Discussing Customer Salience and Technology on Insight Platforms

Discussing Customer Salience and Technology on Insight Platforms

Insight Platforms have published an article written by FlexMR's Content Manager, Emily James, entitled: The Technology Behind Successful Customer Salience StrategiesCustomer Salience is a new term and strategy that could help insight experts put customer insights where they should be - at the heart of stakeholder decisions.

This article takes the premise of Customer Salience and digs deeper into what it would take to make it a reality in stakeholder organisations. Specifically, understanding what technological infrastructure would be needed in the business to really make sure that Customer Salience can reach all areas and teams, and thrive.

Laying the Right Technological Infrastructure

Implementing Customer Salience

Customer salience is FlexMR's new strategy based on a culmination of decades of innovative thinking. With the industry’s efforts seeming almost fruitless when it comes to engaging the majority of stakeholders in research and insights, let alone empowering them to use those insights effectively, Customer Salience offers a new angle, a new strategy and a new chance at insights empowerment.

The best way to help boost stakeholder chances of becoming Customer Salient is to lay down the right infrastructures to help all stakeholders better access and understand the power of insights – starting with technological infrastructure.

Using the Right Technology

There are three technologies that all businesses should use: a dedicated online research platform, dedicated communication channels, and an easily accessible data and insight warehouse.

Without a research platform, insight experts can't generate the insights that stakeholders need to factor the customer into decision-making processes. To distribute those insights to all stakeholders, there needs to be communication channels in place that all stakeholders know about and use to gain those insights on a daily basis. And for those decisions that require some contextual knowledge, a data warehouse filled with historical customer insights can be used instantly whenever stakeholders need insights.

Establishing Customer Salience

There are more considerations to technological infrastructure than the three mentioned above, and these will be more specific to the business in question to help them cement the right pathways for customer insight generation, distribution and activation.

But more than that, there’s more to establishing Customer Salience than laying down the right technological infrastructure. For stakeholders to take advantage of this, they need to understand the power of customer insights, and want to take the customer into consideration a lot more than they do now in all manner of decisions. It's all about building the right culture of customer-closeness.

Read the full article to learn more now.

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