Introducing the Customer Salience Toolkit

The Customer Salience Toolkit

Unlock the power of Customer Salience in your organisation with our brand-new Customer Salience Toolkit. With a variety of resources from an audit calculator to poster templates, you now have the tools to promote customer salience and transform your organisation into a successful, efficient and much-needed business for your customers.

With supply now typically greater than demand, businesses no longer have the upper hand in the commercial world. Customers are the ones who dictate which businesses survive in today's economic climate, and customer loyalty is dependent on many factors such as values, price and quality of product/service as well as customer experience. So how do businesses stay at the forefront of their industry when their success is determined by their customers?

Taking the customer into account in all decisions on all levels in the business is the key to this success. Data and insights have always had the potential to revolutionise decision-making processes and increase their impact, but stakeholders have become increasingly impossible to convince of this fact. So, if they won't listen to the insight experts embedded across all industries, then maybe they will listen to the customers they serve.

At FlexMR, we have created the ultimate toolkit for insight experts and insight-driven stakeholders to use when convincing the rest of their company to follow suit and take customers into account in daily decision-making. Download this free toolkit now to:

  • Discover the barriers to customer salience in your organisation 
  • Explore the level of impact all teams have on the success of your organisation
  • Learn how to influence your corporate culture to encourage customer salience
  • Understand how you can supercharge your company's strategies with customers in mind

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Download the Toolkit


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