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Research Skills: Strategies for Engaging Participants

Strategies for Engaging Market Research Participants

Effective insight communities have active, interested members who go beyond taking part in just scheduled research activities. But this doesn't happen naturally. You'll need to plan for success.

Over the course of this email series, our research experts provide advice and guidance on key questions you'll need to consider. From the differences between engagement and communication, to best practices on writing effective emails.

Throughout the series, we'll also be providing templates and example content. And we'll feature an interview with a Fortune 500 insights leader on the power of participant feedback.

By the end of this series, you'll be an expert in community engagement, with knowledge about the best approaches to community moderation, incentive management, activity scheduling and more. Specifically, you can expect to recieve emails on the following topics: 

  • Day #1 - An overview of engagement and communication strategies
  • Day #4 - A deep-dive into writing engaging email communications
  • Day #6 – How to build an engaged insight community (part #1)
  • Day #8 - The power of participant feedback (and closing the loop)
  • Day #11 - How to build an engaged insight community (part #2)

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