Exploring the History of Innovation with Insight Platforms

Evaluating the Impact of Market Research Innovations on Insight Platforms

On 20th December 2022, Insight Platforms published an article written by FlexMR’s Copywriter, Emily James, evaluating the impact of certain market research innovations in the previous decade and century. In this article, Emily looks at innovations that have made an impact to all insight experts in their daily lives, the methods and tools that have been the driving force of the insights industry to evaluate their effect.

Market research is a continuously evolving beast, so taking stock of where we have come from can help insight experts all over better understand the industry, they are a part of, and the research experiences they can create.

Evaluating Significant Innovations

This article discusses some of the most significant innovations of the past century and decade, and take a look into what a few future innovations might offer the market research industry.

Past Century

Surveys and Focus Groups - the future of market research has flourished from these two original tools, with the creation of both quantitative, qualitative and hybrid methods and strategies that are used on a daily basis to glean high-quality insights from a great many research respondents.

Online Research - the move from in-person to online market research was an innovation that pivoted the entire industry towards a new, bountiful future, but this particular innovative evolution hasn’t been without its challenges.

Past Decade

Automation - the number or automations being applied throughout the research process is increasing, from automated data collection and analysis to automated communications with respondents, insight experts now have time to dedicate to the more nuanced aspects of insight generation and activation.

Insights Activation - Insights activation is a more progressive innovation because of its intangibility. It is only recently that stakeholders have started to realize the true value in insights, and are implementing them more often now because of the innovations researchers have created.

Future Innovations

Social Media Intelligence – while social media research has been used in conjunction with market research, there is so much more it can offer insight experts, from active data collection to recruitment. Social media outlets are already diversifying to provide services to other industries such as market research.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence – once the biases have been sorted, obviously. Machine learning algorithms are already a part of the market research process through automation, but AI offer more opportunities for insight teams, such as enhancing data quality and unlocking insights in deeper datasets.

To find out more, read the full article here.

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