Explore the Power of Customer Salience on Greenbook

Explore the Power of Customer Salience on Greenbook

Greenbook has published an article written by FlexMR’s Content Manager, Emily James, discussing the current challenges in the market research industry, and introducing FlexMR’s Customer Salience strategy as a solution to these challenges.

In particular, in this article, Emily asks us to consider the question: “How well do you know your customers?” But what’s more, we must consider the question in the right contexts – such as the budget challenges the insights industry is facing, and the tougher challenge of engaging stakeholders when they’re not used to using insights to the fullest extent. Once factors such as those are taken into account, we can try to understand the extent of customer salience within and throughout an organisation.

Improve Business Success with Customer Salience

This serves as an introduction to Customer Salience, the new strategy by FlexMR. Emily explains that Customer Salience, while a new premise, is a promising strategy that is the culmination of decades of mindset and methodologies dedicated to engaging stakeholders in market research and turning insight-based decisions into impactful action - the market research motherload, so to speak. It is the path towards an organisation knowing their customers and making decisions based on this knowledge.

The become truly Customer Salient, stakeholders need to embed customer insights into all decisions at all levels of the organisation. Instead of insight experts needing a seat at the top table, which is a front we have been fighting for for years now, they need a seat at many or even all of the tables. Every table a decision is made, in all teams at all levels of the organisation, there needs to be the presence of customer insights.

employing the principles of customer salience to help stakeholders make the right decisions every time is a tough task for any insight expert, advocate, or team. While the principles we are employing have been the driving force behind insight activation for years, we’re just now approaching it from a different angle and figuring out the best ways to implement them in more successful ways, insight professionals are still facing the same challenges they always have when it comes to stakeholder engagement.

So, how can we persuade the majority of stakeholders in a business to become customer-salient? What is in it for them, other than the great business case outlined above? Access the full text to find out now, available on the Greenbook blog today.

About Greenbook

The Greenbook mission is to connect marketers and market researchers with the people, information and ideas that will generate big results for their companies. They serve the market research industry through: Research on the industry (GRIT Publications), IIeX events, Webinars and online training, the Greenbook Blog (charting the future of the industry), and the Greenbook Directory, the ultimate guide for buyers of market research.

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