Paul Hudson & Heather Wendlandt on Insights Empowerment at Quirks

Paul Hudson and Heather Wendlandt Explore Insights Empowerment at The Quirks Event

On 2nd and 3rd November 2021, FlexMR’s CEO and North American Client Development Manager, Paul Hudson and Heather Wendlandt, are presenting a session to discuss how insight teams can improve the efficiency, reach, and influence of insights and power better decisions.

Innovation is pushing market research into the forefront of strategic decision-making, but making research more efficient, scaling the reach of insights within stakeholder organisations, and enhancing the influence those insights have over stakeholder decisions are still three challenges insight teams struggle with on a daily basis.

Improving Efficiency, Reach and Influence

So how can insight teams overcome these challenges? Paul and Heather will tackle this prominent topic and discuss practical ways to empower insights for better business decisions.

First, they will explore the prominent, incorrect myth that research experiences end once the research report is placed into stakeholder hands, when in fact, collecting and analysing customer insight is only half the challenge that modern research teams face. The insight activation stage of market research is where insight teams have the least control, but is critical to the success of the research experience. Stakeholders have the power to transform pivotal strategies for the better, if the insights reach the right stakeholders and exert the right amount of influence.

To cut through the noise and influence better business decisions, the role of insights and insight teams need to grow too. FlexMR’s Insights Empowerment Framework offers a structure through which to enact this change, bringing clarity to the three pillars of successful research teams – efficiency, reach and influence.

In this session, Paul and Heather outline practical ways in which research teams can address each vector and the benefits to be gained. In particular, they discuss: bringing qual and quant together into a single, streamlined architecture; how to directly connect stakeholders with customers through video; and the best ways to leverage creative reporting techniques for maximum impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • Find out new ways to use integrated qual and quant research technology to improve the efficiency of data collection and analysis.
  • Discover how to connect stakeholders directly to customers with video close connections and the benefits of scaling customer-centricity in this way.
  • Learn how qualitative research can be translated into abstract works of art that capture internal attention, spark conversations and influence decisions.

To find out more and to sign up to watch Paul and Heather speak, take a look around the Quirks Event website here.

About the NY Quirks Event

The Quirk's Event is a valuable collection of sessions and networking opportunities with leaders in the insights field. It's designed to be affordable and convenient, with in-person and virtual options and multiple dates and locations. The New York Event is focussed on ‘Driving Your Marketing Research Forward’, which is reflected in the variety of workshops delivered by some of the world’s most prominent brands.

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