Chris Martin Joins Significant Insight Global 30 Under 30 List

FlexMR’s Chris Martin is Nominated for Significant Insight’s Global 30 Under 30 List 2021

On 12th November 2021, it was announced that FlexMR’s Chief Marketing Officer, Christopher Martin, is listed on the Significant Insights’ 30 Under 30 List. This is a prominent list that aims to promote thirty young insight professionals both within and outside of the research industry.

The list is made up of insight leaders, innovators, creators and thinkers, who are making big strides in the world of research and insights. Each winning Insight Professional, like Chris, has a proven strong impact on the insights industry in their day-to-day life. Chris particularly is a strong guiding influence in FlexMR, building, growing and steering the brand strategy with every creative decision.

The Insights Global 30 Under 30

Significant Insight’s Global 30 Under 30 List helps to identify and champion the next generation of insight leaders in the market research industry. The list is a way for the insight's industry to celebrate the talent blooming in the insight teams across organisations and industries, and our CMO Chris Martin is one such talent we are happy to celebrate. 

Chris has been an integral part of FlexMR, starting in 2015 as Digital Marketing Officer and then becoming the firm’s first ever Chief Marketing Officer in 2018, managing the firm’s international marketing team. Since Chris’ first day in the organisation, he has used his creative skills to innovate and implement key marketing strategies, mould new design concepts within the leadership team and steer the FlexMR brand strategy towards success.

In his interview with Significant Insights, Chris explains that “market research and customer insights has the capacity to turn [decision-making] on it’s head… through [insights] we’re becoming better marketers better product designers and better companies… and [that is] something the industry should never lose sight of.”

In their search, the judging panel reviewed close to a hundred nominees before drawing up their final list of winners. The 30 Under 30 List is an important award in the insights industry, with everyone now looking towards Chris and the 29 other talented insight professionals who have helped to accelerate positive change in the world of insights. As such, the list requires a global judging panel that will consist of 15 judges from 13 different countries:

Anije Lambert (Guyana), Annie Pettit (Canada), Bob Qureshi (UK) (Co-Chair), Dali Tembo (South Africa), James Endersby (UK), Leonid Voronin (Russia), Lini Zhang (China), Manvi Hooda (India), Michelle Gansle (USA) (Co-Chair), Rachel Hawley (USA), Seyi Adeoye (Nigeria), Sue York (Australia), Tom Savigar (Norway), Vanessa Oshima (Japan), Wiepke van der Wal (Netherlands).

The winner of the 30 Under 30 award will be announced on 30th November 2021. Learn more about the Significant Insights 30 Under 30 List and Chris’ profile now.

About Significant Insights

Significant Insights is a new global content platform for the market research industry, and is on a mission to make our sector more accessible by bringing our incredible people, their journeys, lessons, tips and inspiring stories to life.

Significant Insights wants to help younger researchers develop their careers and open up the industry to all backgrounds, and to those that might not consider it.

In short, the platform simply exists to profile and give a voice to senior researchers, and younger researchers on their way up, and to provide a channel for them impart their wisdom, so that new researchers, and those outside our industry can learn, grow, develop and find their ways to the top.

For press enquiries

To discuss press and media enquiries please contact Christopher Martin, FlexMR CMO, by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.

Arrange a meeting

We love to meet passionate research and insight professionals. If you'd like to arrange a chat with one of our team at an event we'll be attending, contact Chris Martin by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.



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