FlexMR Pioneer Market Research Playbooks as Part of New Service

FlexMR Pioneer Market Research Playbooks as Part of New Service

For Immediate Release: 23/09/21.

The firm’s Stakeholder Alignment service is a journey of discovery that explores and curates research applications that will make a tangible impact on the performance of business units.

Today, FlexMR has announced the launch of their new Stakeholder Alignment programme - designed to closely connect insight and business teams, as well as integrate research outputs into key internal working practices. This improved alignment is delivered through a journey of discovery, guided consultation and a collaborative output – the research playbook itself. Our playbooks play a vital role, demonstrating to non-research teams frequently used project types that can be used to support common business challenges and an outline of key factors such as process, cost and timeline.

The Stakeholder Alignment Programme seeks to embed research, and customer-centricity, into internal working practices. Starting with the departments who benefit most from customer insight, this service is facilitated by the FlexMR team, who work with key organisational influencers to translate business needs into a structured framework that contains a curated set of relevant methodologies. These methodologies and new working practices are then embedded into the day-to-day activities of wider teams through a series of interactive workshops. 

FlexMR Research Director, Maria Twigge, says of the new service, “We believe that shared access to insight and a structured framework for accessing customer feedback is key to breaking down organisational silos. Through our playbooks, and the journey that our consultants take research teams on, we are starting to see this take form. By removing barriers to insight and improving data fluency, our clients are able to start putting customer insight at the heart of decisions – in a cost-effective and informed manner.”

While the playbook is a significant and tangible output of the Stakeholder Alignment Programme, the true value of the consultative service lies in the process that brings teams together to form a mutually beneficial relationship. The service takes place in three stages that revolve around education and supporting stakeholders on their journey to become more customer-centric:

  • Initial Scoping: the first step in the stakeholder alignment journey involves setting the scope of the project. Our team works with stakeholders to identify objectives, teams and key individuals who will form the core of the working group.
  • Exploration of Needs: Once key departments, teams, and individuals have been identified, FlexMR then work with this broader group to identify and translate their data needs into simple, graded projects. These projects will form the core of the playbook. They are indexed based on factors relevant to your team and curated into themes to aid navigation. 
  • Publication and Promotion: The final stage of the process is to evaluate the outcomes of the exploration stage and, based on the results, create the final playbook. Once complete, the playbook is distributed both online and offline. FlexMR also provides internal communications support to take advantage of every opportunity for success.

Chris Martin, Chief Marketing Officer at FlexMR, states, “One of the most common barriers to insight activation is that of simple knowledge. By working with business teams to identify research needs and present simple, guided options, we hope to build long-lasting and meaningful connections that will revolutionise strategic decision-making processes.”

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FlexMR is the Insights Empowerment Company. As markets grow and consumers evolve, brands must fight to stay at the forefront of industry. To succeed in this competitive landscape, research teams need an insights partner they can rely on. A partner dedicated to their success. That’s what we do. We thrive on making insight more relevant, more accessible and more impactful - whilst overcoming the challenges that modern research, product and marketing teams face. 

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