FlexMR Unveils New Insight as Art Programme

FlexMR Unveils New Insights as Art Programme

For Immediate Release: 23/07/2021 

FlexMR are unveiling a brand-new consultative service designed to support business transformation through a collaborative process and creative insights.

Building upon the success of the firm’s award-winning 2020 Insight as Art campaign, the programme aims to equip insight teams with the tools and knowledge needed to proactively guide stakeholder decisions at critical moments.

This new programme comes as the latest service offering in the Insights Empowerment Framework – designed to improve the efficiency, reach and scale of insight teams. When clients choose the Insight as Art programme, FlexMR research experts will work with them to identify core areas impacted by an upcoming business transformation, as well as the stakeholder teams that will be impacted. Throughout the process, we prioritise catalysing conversations about the topic of change and driving greater engagement with insight teams.

The Insight as Art programme is designed to help with key brand and marketing challenges, from understanding brand perceptions to designing influential CX touchpoints and launching new products. We believe success is best achieved by identifying and aligning important stakeholders at the outset of these projects. This programme aims to do exactly that, while placing customer insight at the centre of the planning process.

Since 2019, the FlexMR creative team have produced insight-led artworks for 50+ brands on a range of subjects. These creative outputs have received multiple accolades, including a GDXA trophy for Global Audience Engagement. The Insight as Art programme itself has been shortlisted for the prestigious AURA Innovation of the Year award 2021.

FlexMR Research Director, Maria Twigge, says of the programme, “As researchers we know the value of putting customers at the heart of business decisions. But it can be tough to convince stakeholders of the valuable impact insights can have. This programme really breaks down the barriers to greater engagement with research, and provides insight professionals with an opportunity to take an early, authoritative role at the outset of major business transformations.”

The programme starts with in-depth consultation led by our insight experts, as they identify critical opportunities throughout business and strategic transformation. Then an agile, targeted qualitative project that generates in-depth customer feedback around the areas of change will be devised and set in motion on the InsightHub. Once that data has been generated, our creative team analyses and interprets feedback from the project, moulding it into a work of art that presents relevant themes in a memorable, thought-provoking way.

The resulting artwork, direct qualitative feedback and stakeholder pre-tasks are then fed into an interactive group workshop that engages attendees in customer insights, complex themes and discussions on how this will impact the wider business. Ultimately, the programme positions research professionals and customer insight as a central component of business change, while providing lots of opportunities to influence better decision-making.

Sophie Grieve-Williams, Graphic Designer at FlexMR and lead artist for the programme, states, “We know the role of research doesn’t end with analysis and presentation. In order to have a positive impact, insight teams must actively guide stakeholder decisions. Our previous work with creative reporting methods demonstrated innovative ways this could be achieved and the appetite for agency partners get involved. So, we’ve fed these key learnings into the Insight as Art programme, which provide benefits from both the proven, consultative journey and impactful reporting methods.”

About FlexMR

FlexMR is a technology led market research agency that helps brands inform every decision with relevant insight. We believe access to a powerful mix of qualitative & quantitative tools, all in one place, enables marketing teams to maximise return on research budgets and gain a competitive edge in the global marketplace. Our team is committed to providing the technology, expertise and vision to deliver insight capable of making a real, tangible difference.

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To discuss press and media enquiries please contact Christopher Martin, FlexMR CMO, by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.

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