Gareth Bowden Explores Customer Empowerment at IIEX Europe

Gareth Bowden Customer Empowerment

On Tuesday 21st June 2022, GreenBook's Future List Honoree and FlexMR's Head of Operations, Gareth Bowden will be presenting a seminar on Preparing for the Age of Customer Empowerment at GreenBook’s IIEX Europe event in Amsterdam.

Customer empowerment is not a new concept, with thought leadership articles and seminars already calling upon businesses to recognise customers as the drivers of commercial success and act accordingly. Customers are more connected to each other and brands than ever before and are incredibly influential on a global scale. Market research is the key to helping businesses prepare to ride the wave of customer empowerment towards success.

Preparing for the Age of Empowerment

As FlexMR CMO, Chris Martin, has previously commented, “The modern business adopts a philosophy that recognizes customers as the drivers of commercial success — not product, sales, or even revenue.” For many, this is enough. But those looking to the future are more aware of how customers will change business practices and the parameters for success. These are the businesses that are already embracing the tide of customer empowerment bearing down upon them and reaping tangible results.

Against this new paradigm, insight teams hold the keys to success. Gareth will explain how stakeholders are already exploring the power of new research methods and technologies that generate high-quality insights, perfect for influencing key business decisions. His presentation will also touch on the four steps to truly thriving in the age of customer:

1. Centralizing insight, research and data - enabling increased access to market research, data and insights means stakeholders are able to make important decisions in the moment without having to wait for new research, unless real-time insights are a must.

2. Gathering quant and qual at scale – increasing the amount of quantitative and qualitative data generated at any one time typically means more accurate, relevant and overall better insights for stakeholders to use.

3. Building efficiencies to drive productivity – as data volumes increase it’s vital to prioritize efficiency and tools that maximize productivity. These efficiencies will allow for quicker insight-influenced decisions made within the business.

4. Turning influence into action – insights are useless without stakeholders acting upon them. One of the most important measurable success parameters for how powerful insights are can only be found in the success of the actions taken upon them. Empower stakeholders to act on insights.

To learn more about Gareth’s talk on preparing for the age of customer empowerment and to register to attend the IIEX Europe event, check out the event website now.

About IIEX Europe

IIEX is the insight innovation exchange. Imagined and produced by GreenBook, these events, hosted across the globe, are not just another conference - they are some of the most prestigious consumer insights events in the world. Originating in 2014, IIEX Europe was built on the principle that it takes collaboration, innovation, and honest conversation to move our industry forward.

After two long years, IIEX couldn't be more excited to return to the picturesque city of Amsterdam for a refreshing two-day exchange of future-defining innovation. Join the leading voices in market research on June 21-22 to connect with like-minded professionals, startups, marketers, data scientists, and businesses from around the globe to discover new ideas and disruptive tech in a collective effort to realize and evolve the future of insights.

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