FlexMR to Present Twice at IIeX EU 2020

Christopher Martin
Written By Christopher Martin
On Jan, 22 2020
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We are very pleased to announce that we have two of our own presenting at the IIeX EU conference in Amsterdam this year! Insight Managers Mayra Munguia and Sally Nicholls will be exploring the topics of using science to create memorable insights and supercharging insight through internal experts on Tuesday 25th February.

Internal Experts and Memorable Insights

Insight activation has become a key buzzword in the past couple of years, and is set to stay that way throughout the foreseeable future until we can exponentially increase stakeholder engagement. There have been a good few articles, seminars, workshops, etc. showcasing a few ways in which businesses can action insight in a way that allows them to make the best decisions for the development of the organisation and its mission, but we believe that we need to take it further in order to bring about real change.

Supercharging insight through the use of the ‘Internal Expert’, while a simple and easily implemented option, still remains unexploited. Research departments, on the other hand, have always had a clear understanding of the value of data. The archetypal challenge for insights professionals has always been convincing others of that value. That’s why, as a new data awakening starts to take form, there is a massive opportunity for research departments to take control and position their function as shepherds of insight.

Memorable Images are great tools for psychologically tricking the audience into engaging with the subject matter at hand, which is what Mayra will be focussing on in her IIeX presentation! Through three key themes: Attention, Novelty, and Emotion, we can create riveting and striking insight reports that truly engage key decision-makers in the insights and recommendations we make, securing a place in the long-term memory for future use.

Both of these talks are incredibly relevant to today’s market research climate, and offer direct solutions for insight professionals to use in an effort to make market research more than just a data collection service, because market research is about generating useful insights that have the power to transform a business for good.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the ways that have emerged to tackle insight engagement
  • Discuss the best ways to create memorable imagery, and how to use it effectively
  • Evaluate different data agency structures
  • Learn why internal experts are needed to enhance research experiences

To find out more about these topics, take a look at the links below:

Mayra Munguia – A Scientific Approach to Creating Memorable Insights, 12:20-12:40pm

Sally Nicholls – Supercharging Insight – The Case for Developing Internal Experts, 3-3:20pm

About IIeX EU

IIeX was designed to do three things: introduce researchers to the new ideas changing the world of insights, provide practical training and learning sessions, and connect attendees with other innovative insights professionals from some of the most effective brands and agencies in the world. The Insight Innovation Exchange 2019 is being held on the 25th-26th February at the Beurs van Berlage in Amsterdam and is filled to the brim with new insight and technological innovations.

This is an unmissable event for insights professionals and we are proud to be attending. We’re also especially looking forward to hearing from a wide-range of exciting speakers including Kantar, Dynata, Samsung, BMW, Mars Inc and many more across the jam-packed agenda that spans two days. We hope to see you there, and have the opportunity to talk all things market research with you.

For press enquiries

To discuss press and media enquiries please contact Christopher Martin, FlexMR CMO, by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.

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We love to meet passionate research and insight professionals. If you'd like to arrange a chat with one of our team at an event we'll be attending, contact Chris Martin by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.



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