FlexMR Showcases Insight as Art at AURA Event

AURA Insight Presenting Without PowerPoint

We are delighted to be taking part in the AURA Insight Presenting without PowerPoint event on 13th March 2024 - where insight experts can talk to their audience without electronic slides about crucial industry challenges and interesting opportunities. 

FlexMR's Client Relationship Manager, Charlotte Duff, will be taking up the challenge of exploring unusual insights communication and its impact on stakeholder engagement, using FlexMR's award-winning Insights as Art campaign and programme as an example of how insight teams can embed more out-of-the-box creativity into the insight reporting process.

Showcasing Insight as Art

With PowerPoint presentations being the go-to method of insight communication in the past couple of decades, it's only right that we take this opportunity to discover new methods of engaging communication to use with stakeholders. Presenting without PowerPoint is an interesting exercise in creativity, with some people resorting to the traditional oral (conversational) presentation style, and others taking advantage of the occasion to branch out into more creative styles.

FlexMR are in the latter of the two categories as Charlotte showcases FlexMR's creativity in insight reporting through Insight as Art. The 2019-2020 Insights as Art campaigns were designed as a way to address a constant challenge within the research sector; activating insight. It sought to find new and creative ways to engage decision-makers with insight and data. Due to the popularity of the original Insight as Art marketing campaign, FlexMR added a permanent Insight as Art programme to their consultative service line as an option for clients to help inject creativity into their research communications.

To support her presentation, Charlotte will be bringing a great selection of Insight as Art postcards from the original marketing campaigns to distribute amongst audience members, meaning they can grasp exactly how stakeholders felt when receiving their own artistic reports and feel the impact for themselves.

This event is exclusive to AURA members only, find out more and sign up now.

About AURA Insight

AURA is exclusively for client-side research and insight professionals seeking to raise their expertise and impact within their organisations. Through our events, forum, and resources, they offer members continuing personal development, inspiration and peer-to-peer networking support. Their Presenting without Powerpoint event is just one of many opportunities for the insights industry to exercise their creativity while exploring many different vital challenges and opportunities within market research.

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To discuss press and media enquiries please contact Christopher Martin, FlexMR CMO, by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.

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We love to meet passionate research and insight professionals. If you'd like to arrange a chat with one of our team at an event we'll be attending, contact Chris Martin by email at chris.martin@flexmr.net or via telephone on 015395 65455.



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