FlexMR at the Insight Platforms Communities Summit 2020

Insight Platform Communities Summit

Editor's Note: This Summit has now taken place. All sessions are available on-demand from the Insight Platforms website.

We are excited to announce that our CEO, Paul Hudson, and our Client Success Manager, Katharine Johnson, will be part of the exciting lineup for the first ever Insight Platforms Communities Summit. Everyone will have the chance to see Paul and Katharine deliver the seminar at this free online conference on 26th March 2020.

Speaking at 11am GMT, Paul Hudson will be delivering a talk on how insight communities are evolving and how we can take the most advantage of them in the name of actionable insights. After the talk, Katharine will take over for the live Q&A session, and answer as many of the questions as she can in the time remaining.

Convergence, Creativity and Collaboration

Consumer research communities have come a long way since their conception; with the help of technological catalysts throughout the last few decades, insight communities have gone from strength to strength, moved online, and as such have become vast networks of burgeoning creativity and complex data.

In this session, Paul and Katharine will identify three ways in which insight communities are evolving to help researchers make better use of available data, and will highlight techniques for immersing decision makers in it. Firstly, they’ll be focussing on how insight communities are benefitting from both passive and active forms of convergence, with organisation mergers providing a myriad of benefits through the convergence of software, data, and workflows.

One of the consequences of merging software and data leads us onto the second evolutionary aspect: collaboration. Collaboration is strongly encouraged anyway, but the convergence will allow collaboration to be easier through democratisation, for example, which will thus enable clients to reap results and share them easier throughout the whole organisation. But the sharing of these results still needs work. We need to be able to harness the creativity spewing from these insight communities in such a way that will engage stakeholders in the results in order to propel the organisation into action.

This evidently is the third aspect that Paul and Katharine will focus on. Creative reporting has gained a lot of traction recently, however, there is still a long way to go before we can present truly engaging reports. After just half an hour, you’ll be equipped with a selection of easy-to-use strategies that will turn your insight community from a data collection platform into a core business asset.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how communities are due to evolve in the future
  • Explore how convergence has made online communities stronger
  • Learn how to truly collaborate on research through evolving communities
  • Discover new creative techniques to enhance the research experience

About the Communities Summit

The Insight Platforms Communities Summit is a free, virtual conference for customer insight, user research and customer experience leaders. Whether you're experienced in communities or just starting out, you will learn valuable real-world lessons from leaders in the field. Get tips from experts and reduce the risk of learning the hard way. See case studies from a wide range of industries to help you plan your own communities. Find out what it takes to sustain healthy, long-term communities of customers, partners, suppliers, patients and influencers.

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