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Research Skills: Inspiring Stories of Research in Action

Christopher Martin
Written By Christopher Martin
On Mar, 13 2020
1 minute read

Get inspired by exploring how three of the world's most prominent brands do market research and integrate the best insights into their business strategy in the name of evolutionary development.

Market research has a lot of theory attached to it, but sometimes it helps to see how those theories can intertwine to create one brilliant iterative and informative research process that generates truly actionable insights. In this email series, we intend to take you through three inspiring case studies of research in action. 

Lego are world-renowned for their continuous success in the toy industry, but not only that, they have successfully branched out into other areas such as the video-gaming and film industries. But even though this branching out has contributed to their success, Lego say that their business would have grown even without these factors - their market research is the key to this continued success.

Whenever Specsavers create a marketing campaign, they have one big issue to overcome: how can they create a marketing campaign while still maintaining their reputation as a health service? They conducted fully agile market research project that tested the adverts and other marketing materials against public opinion, and were able to pull off a marketing campaign like no other.

Last but not least, Starbucks are rocking the market research world, by brining in tonnes of data every day through many different sources - this fusion of research methods allows them to connect more intimately with their customers, forming a bond that will stand the test of time, while also providing high-quality insights to use in their continuous brand evolution.

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