An Insight Driven Manifesto by Keen as Mustard & FlexMR

A Manifesto for Insight Driven Cultures by Keen as Mustard and FlexMR

ESOMAR Congress 2023 brought many challenges, opportunities and topics of conversation up front and centre, and connected insight experts from all industries under the same purpose. One panel in particular focussed on a poignant challenge - how do we drive change? 

This panel of experts from FlexMR, Keen as Mustard, Haleon, Pearson and DeBeers discussed the challenge of engaging stakeholders, communicating insights in ways that spark action, and how organisations can create cultures focused on informed decision-making. These discussions are the driving force behind change in our industry, and so the members of the panel convened to create this post-debrief ‘manifesto’ as a call to action for research and insight teams to refocus their efforts to drive cultural change.

Read the manifesto below to find out:

  • What do we mean by action or the activation of insights?
  • What do we mean by a culture of insights, or consumer centricity?
  • How can we build a culture of insights?

A Manifesto for Insight Driven Cultures

For many, the research process starts with a question and ends with a presentation. Sometimes that presentation is creative, and sometimes it’s told through a memorable story. But what happens once researchers leave the room? To drive change, researchers need to be more than good storytellers. They must be culture and community builders, creating the fabric and rituals that inspire customer-driven decisions, even when they aren’t in the room.


About Keen as Mustard Marketing

Keen as Mustard Marketing are insight communication specialists, working with insight experts to 'make your insights famous'; elevating insights teams and telling the right stories to enhance the reach and influence of insights on stakeholders. They use their trademarked 'FAME' model to overcome challenges in communication, content and awareness strategies, and give insight experts the power to be famous amongst stakeholders.

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