Paul Hudson to Explore the Four Futures of Insight at MRMW EU 2020

Four Futures of Insight

FlexMR CEO, Paul Hudson, is presenting at the MRMW Europe conference this December! The MRMW event will take place at the Novotel Amsterdam Schiphol in Amsterdam on 1st-2nd December. Where Paul will be speaking on The Four Futures of Insight Activation.

The insights industry is at a crossroads. As decision makers and management teams are flooded with increasing volumes of data, it’s our job as researchers to cut through the noise and ensure the right information is used in the right way. As of this moment, we’ve put more emphasis on creative reporting techniques and technological integration in the pursuit of insight activation, however there are more paths to consider.

The Four Futures of Insight Activation

Activating insight will always be a challenge – but we are slowly working out the best ways in which to combat the obstacles blocking insight activation. In his talk, Paul looks at the role collaborative software, creative reporting, practical democratisation and insights consolidation have to play in bridging the gap between information and action as the four futures of insight activation:

Future #1 - Research software becomes more collaborative, integrating workflows between users and allowing multiple professionals to work on the same project and the same time.

Future #2 - Creative reporting techniques and tactics skyrocket; formats will become more diverse in order to capture and hold the attention of stakeholders.

Future #3 - Data is democratised in more practical, engaging ways. Permission-based data will become more accessible to consumers and employees alike.

Future #4 - Wide technology landscapes begin to consolidate - after explosive growth, niche research software will consolidate into data powerhouses.

While it will take a great effort on the part of industries, all of these futures will be simultaneous and divergent, taking the industry down many paths at the same time and all leading towards one very important goal: to incite insight activation. Once insight activation becomes as natural as commissioning research, insight professionals will be able to guide businesses towards success.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding that which obstacles in place against insight activation
  • Investigating the four futures that will encourage the best insight activation practices
  • Evaluate which path(s) may be the best to follow for your business

In addition to his talk, Paul will also be joining an exploratory panel discussion on the second day of the MRMW EU event, all about analysing the changing dynamics between clients and agencies. With the improving access to advanced data quality and new technologies, in-house research is now more accessible than ever to brands - this discussion will assess the situation and explore the changing role of both in-house and agency researchers in the insights industry.

To find out more about Paul’s talk, the panel discussion, and MRMW EU, check out the event website.

About MRMW

MRMW  is the largest and most prestigious global conference series focusing on mobile, innovation and high-tech marketing research. The theme for MRMW 2020 is “Insight in the age of connected intelligence”.

Alongside FlexMR, delegates from Nestle, Condé Nast, Google, and many more businesses from a variety of industries will be gathering and networking at this year’s conference, sharing innovative ideas and building new paths that will set us all up for the future of applied market research.

With its highly focused, single stream agenda MRMW stands out from the crowd by providing a uniquely open and intimate atmosphere for industry experts to network, learn and discuss. A curated mix of clients, agencies and technology experts ensures you get direct access to the latest trends, innovations and solutions - without the usual spin.

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