FlexMR and The Home Depot Explore the UX vs MR Debate at MRMW

MRMW NA FlexMR and The Home Depot

We are proud to announce that our CEO Paul Hudson is presenting at MRMW North America’s virtual conference on 30th September 2020! Together with the Home Depot’s Ki Arnould Aguero, Paul and Ki will explore how we have managed to merge UX Research and Market Research practices into one fully-functional, effective insight generation and activation process.

We have talked a lot in articles, other events, in podcasts, and on social media about how go about merging UX and market research together, as the similarities complement each other more than the differences contrast. It would be a benefit to both industries if we were to work together, but so far there hasn’t been much action on that front… until now.

How the Home Depot Lean into Relationships

In recent months especially, the insights industry has been ablaze with talk about the differences between market research and user research – seeking ways to bring the adjacent practices together. But while many are talking, The Home Depot are doing, by finding new value in existing research technology and using it to build better relationships in their PROspective Panel.

As a UX researcher, Ki Arnould Aguero holds a different perspective on research tools, technology, and techniques that we could learn a lot from, to incorporate into our own practices. So this presentation will be more like a Q&A session between FlexMR and the Home Depot, where we will be delving into the insights Ki has discovered on the benefits of combining UX and MR tools and methodologies; the benefits of reaching out with new methods to previously hard to reach audiences; and how to establish trust in a way that encourages communication and cultivates rich relationships.

This merging of research forces proves to be a continuous effort for both UX and MR researchers, with a lot of insightful learnings still yet to occur, but we are definitely on a road to greatness, with much potential showing from the Home Depot’s initial explorations into the field resulting in true connections with their customer-participants, the cultivation of rich connections with other stakeholders in Home Depot, and great insight into how the mixed-method approach has impacted the business as a whole.

Key Takeaways:

  • A UX researcher’s perspective on making the most out of market research tools
  • A retrospective on the role of internal & external relationship building for research success
  • Explore how to position research tools and technology as a core business asset
  • Practical considerations for bringing UX research, market research and stakeholders closer

To find out more about the presentation, and the attend the event, check out the MRMW NA website.

About MRMW North America

The 2020 MRMW North America edition is going fully VIRTUAL! Pushing beyond simple online presentations, MRMW will provide you with a full-fledged conference set-up including Live Q&A, Virtual Roundtables, Private Messaging, Virtual Booths and more.

The 2020 series stands under the theme ‘Insight in the age of connected intelligence’, reflecting on the growing interconnectedness of devices and users. As we move beyond crisis mode and adopt to the new reality brought by Covid-19, MRMW will show innovative solutions, new best practices, original thinking and thought leadership from international brands and innovative agencies.

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