Paul Hudson to Explore Alchemists' Dilemma at MRS Conference 2023

Paul Hudson to Explore Alchemists' Dilemma at MRS Annual Conference 2023

On 14th March 2023, FlexMR’s CEO Paul Hudson will join a panel of senior insight experts at the Market Research Society’s (MRS) Annual Conference - Insight Alchemy 2023. This panel of experts will discuss the “alchemist’s dilemma” - how we promote the magic of insights without undermining the science behind their generation.

Promoting insights to stakeholders in all industries has become a core task in a researcher’s daily to-do list, but because there is a lot of science that goes into insight generation, explaining the entire process can take away the initial impact of the insights. Communicating the story behind the insights while still retaining that impact is magic.

The Alchemist’s Dilemma

As alchemists in our trade, the question is: how do we promote magic without undermining science? How do we promote the impact of data and insights while also communicating the value of the research that generated them?

This is a continual challenge for insight experts everywhere, especially when conversing with stakeholders who don’t truly understand the value of data and market research. These stakeholders are by-products from the ‘gut-feeling’ era, where customers outnumbered businesses; but now, there are more businesses than ever before, and they all have to compete in the same industry for those same customers and have to find ways to stand out from the crowd - the best way for them to do this is by consulting market research.

For those stakeholders who do understand the value of insights in professional decision-making processes, only a few understand the art and science of market research and consumer behaviour.

Delphi Group chair and behavioural scientist Colin Strong has assembled a team to equip their industry with clear arguments for the value of our profession – and of blended methodologies for genuine insight. This team includes FlexMR’s CEO, Paul Hudson, as well as:

  • Andrew Jerina - Head of Research at Flume
  • Rose Tomlins - Digital Marketing and Strategy Director at Bally’s Interactive 
  • Zoe Ruffels - Global Head, VP Insights at Mars Pet Care
Find out more about the panel and MRS Annual Conference 2023 event now.

About MRS Annual Conference

Through countless stories of excellence in our sector, we do know that the best research professionals turn base data into the golden nuggets of insight that can transform business, public institutions, and society. At a time when all three are under stress – economic, emotional, and environmental – it’s more important than ever to support decision-makers with insights that can uncover the best formulae to build better times.

We’re face-to-face again for Insight Alchemy 2023 – the first in—person annual conference since 2020. Shifting to a one-day format means we can offer a more concentrated experience – with less time out of work, and more effective networking opportunities.

Above all, we want Insight Alchemy to be practical. Every delegate should come away with a to-do list that will enhance the way they work – now (dealing with the current pressures on budgets and resources); next (coping with the changes in business and society that are inevitable in a global recession); and later – never forgetting that our ability to create insight from evidence evolves over time. 

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