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MRX Lab Podcast

Exploring new & novel conversations from the fringes of the insights industry.

Episode #1 - Print; Hello World

This is the MRX Lab podcast from FlexMR! In our first episode, we cover a brief introduction to the show, how it came about, what we hope you take away from it, and the topics we'll be covering throughout our first season.

Created for market research and insight professionals, this podcast zigs where others zag. Instead of featuring interviews with industry leaders or discussing hot topics - the MRX Lab dissects and examines conversations on the fringes of insight. We want to take adjacent professions, models of working & conversations and shine a light on them. Want to know more? Use the embedded player below to listen now.


Over our first season of 16 episodes, we'll be investigating: whether software developers or insight pros shape more of modern research experiences, how memes are becoming a defacto standard for visual communication, what design thinking means for market research, and whether project management techniques other than agile (like Six Sigma, waterfall and lean) are just as important to be familiar with.

In addition, we'll also touch on how the gig economy is affecting market research, parallels between journalistic ethics and MR ethical debates, slow programming, art, economics and more. Our next episode will take a deep dive into the role of creativity as part of the innovation pipelines, and whether or not weirdness, randomness and creative freedoms should be embraced.


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