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Insights Empowerment: Efficiency, Reach and Influence

The MRX Lab podcast is back for a brand new season. In this first episode, we’re joined by FlexMR CEO Paul Hudson to discuss the emerging trend of insights empowerment. A 15+ year industry veteran, Paul views empowerment as a natural convergence of a number of key opportunities for research professionals.

The modern commercial environment is fierce. It is the brands which retain a strategic closeness to customers that win. But customer-centricity comes at a cost, and at a time when budgets are under increasing pressure, many teams across the world are feeling the tension it creates. Insights empowerment, as Paul describes, is a way to step back from day-to-day operations, identify priority objectives and grow the role of research pragmatically.

Across the 10 minute episode, we explore the opportunities for insight teams to improve in three key domains: efficiency, reach and influence. Making tangible strides in all of these areas contributes to an empowered insights strategy and an increased role for research teams in decision making processes.

Paul highlights video as one example of this in practice, describing not only how online video qual in itself can impact efficiency, but how careful consideration of infrastructure and reporting can benefit reach and influence. We close with an inspiring summary of what insights empowerment aims to do: give research teams the confidence and tools to grow the role of consumer insight in an impactful, sustainable manner.


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