Online Focus Groups: A Complete Guide

Online Focus Groups - A Complete Guide

Explore this all-encompassing guide exploring how to set up and run an impactful online focus group; listen to industry experts as they detail their experiences, advice and tricks that will help mitigate challenges and bolster your efforts to create the best online focus group possible.

Online focus groups are the latest iteration of a long-standing and impactful qualitative research tool, and because of the benefits they bring, they remain widely used by insight experts everywhere. But with use comes complacency, and a need for a reminder of how to conduct online focus groups to achieve the best insights possible.

We have recruited our own industry experts to help in this regard in our complete guide to online focus groups. In this guide, they take us through their own experiences, the benefits of online focus groups, the challenges they often see and the steps they take to mitigate those challenges. Download this free whitepaper to:

  • Learn the power of an online focus group when set up correctly
  • Discover what industry experts do to create truly impactful online focus groups
  • Explore a few popular use cases of online focus groups and problem-solving tips and tricks 
  • Understand how to engage both stakeholders and participants fully within an online focus group

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