The Steps to Realising Customer Salience Success

Realising Customer Salience Success in Businesses

Customer Salience is the new term and strategy ready to help insight experts and advocates put customers at the heart of decisions made across their stakeholder organisation. Use Customer Salience to understand the challenges in your way and implement new tactics to help permeate insights deeper throughout the stakeholder organisation.

For years now, insight experts have fought to have a seat at The Table alongside the most senior members of the board, believing that this is the way to influence critical business decisions with customer insights. However, this has been a losing fight, as even those who have made it to the boardroom haven't realised their desired goal.

Instead, insight teams need to be present at all of the conversations happening throughout the business, so we can influence those decisions with customer insights in a more impactful bottom-up approach. This is where Customer Saliences comes in. Through this approach, insight experts and advocates can create lasting impact on a business, through the implementation of new technological infrastructure, the creation of a new customer salient culture, and generation of truly relevant insights to enhance the voice of the customer in all team and cross-team decision-making processes.

Customer Salience encapsulates the collective goal of the insights industry and provides the answer to this significant challenge. Download this free whitepaper to:

  • Create valuable opportunities to permeate and activate insight throughout a business
  • Inspire action in stakeholders through persuasive, engaging insight-based communications
  • Explore how to install practical infrastructure to enable free-flowing, universally accessible data
  • Learn how to build a culture of Customer Salience and place customers at the centre of decisions

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