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Christopher Martin
Written By Christopher Martin
On Feb, 11 2020
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Editor's Note: Qual360 NA 2020 has been re-scheduled as a virtual conference due to COVID-19. The details below have been edited to reflect this. On the original conference date, FlexMR will be taking part in the Qual360 Online Expo.

We are delighted that our CEO, Paul Hudson, is going to be presenting at the Qual360 North America conference on 22-23rd July this year! Attending with our North American Client Development Manager, Heather Wendlandt, Paul will be exploring creative ways to innovate research reports, in an effort to spice up insight communication.

The archaic but still relevant task of an insight professional is getting others to listen to what they’re saying and take it into account in future decisions. We’ve had quick fixes in the form of hints and tips to spice up your research report, but nothing substantial that has actually done the job of engaging stakeholders for any good length of time. This is what Paul wants to change.

Creative Ways of Presenting Results

The written research report has dominated the market ever since market research was founded, but unfortunately, it is very much biased towards the visualisation and explanation of quantitative data. As such, even qualitative research reports usually contain everything a quant research report should: data, interpretable charts and graphs, tables, and a written explanation of what the data means. With qualitative data not being communicated in the right ways, combined with the setting of an increasingly visual world, the written report is getting harder and harder to read for decision-makers, and so engagement has dropped off dramatically in the face of hefty effortful reports.

Using FlexMR’s Consumer Postcard Project as an example, Paul will take the time in this presentation to highlight the proven success of using artistic methods to engage stakeholders and key decision-makers in the insights we produce. A mixture of art to engage the emotional side of stakeholders and stimulate their mental faculties with artistic interpreted insights rather than overload them with numbers.

But demonstrating this success won’t do much good on it’s own, understanding why it was successful is key. So, Paul will take you through his critique of the current engagement tricks in use to enhance the written report, and then troubleshooting what the fallbacks of these methods are. Once these fallbacks have been identified, all that remains is to understand how creativity and art can provide a comprehensive solution.

Want to know more? If you’re attending the conference, make sure to check out Paul’s presentation online at the virtual conference! If you haven’t got tickets, then don’t worry, you can still hear more from Paul through this interview with Merlien.

Key Takeaways

  • A critique of current stakeholder engagement methods
  • Lessons learned from turning qual data on brands into unique artworks
  • Exploring our understanding of consumer feedback and stakeholder engagement
  • Finding inspiration to experiment with new tools to deliver more impactful results

About Qual360 NA

The annual Qual360 North America conference will be back in Washington D.C. on March 24-25, 2020. Join experts from international clients and research agencies for two days of updates on the latest qual methodologies, technologies and trends.

With conferences held in Europe, America and Asia, Qual360 caters to the qualitative research community with dedicated, local events in a global context. This unique concept allows for a diverse range of participants and topics at each conference, offering local trends as well as a global perspective. International experts from all parts of the world participate in Qual360 every year.

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